10 Amazing Controversial Secrets of Atong Ang You Need To Know

Who is Atong Ang?

Charlie Tiu Hay Sy Ang, who is better known as “Atong Ang,” has been in trouble before in the Philippines. In 2001, he became well known as one of the people on trial with then-President Joseph Estrada for impeachment.

And it all started with a turf war he had with Luis “Chavit” Singson, who was governor of Ilocos Sur at the time and a jueteng lord.

When Estrada was removed from power in 2001, Ang fled to the United States. He was later caught gambling in Las Vegas, and in 2006, he was sent back to the Philippines.

After making a deal with the government and promising to give back the Php25 million commission he got from diverting the tobacco excise tax (which was part of Estrada’s case), Ang was cleared of all charges and was free again.

In the Philippines, who is Atong Ang?

Charlie, Tiu Hay, and Sy Ang, who is better known as Atong Ang, became well-known all over the country in 2001 when he was named as a co-accused in President Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s impeachment trial and then sent to jail.

Rappler said that Ang was to blame for Estrada’s removal from office.

The report said that Ang caused the fight between Estrada and Luis “Chavit” Singson, who was governor of Ilocos Sur at the time and a jueteng lord.

Estrada is said to have given Ang the go-ahead to run jueteng, which could have put Singson out of business with his illegal business.

Jueteng is a number game that is against the law. To play, you pick two numbers from 1 to 37. It’s like a small-town lottery, and people can bet as little as one peso.

The events that led to Estrada’s impeachment and eventual removal from office were set in motion by a failed attempt to kill Singson.

Singson betrayed Estrada and Ang by becoming a star witness for the prosecution in the impeachment case. Singson said that Ang and Estrada stole P130 million from excise taxes on tobacco.

Atong Ang is one of the most famous “legal gambling lords” in the Philippines and maintains constant contact with the Barretto clan.

He also participated in the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada. Who is Atong Ang and why is he so well-known, are questions that many people have.

Atong Ang in the United States of America

When Estrada was removed from power in 2001, Ang ran away to the United States. He was caught gambling in Las Vegas.

Atong Ang paid a $300,000 bail, saying that he was being persecuted because of his political beliefs. He stayed in the US and was put under house arrest. In 2006, he was sent back to the Philippines.

Ang agreed to a deal where he would admit to a lesser crime, which was bribing public officials. He admitted that he took P130 million in tobacco tax money for Ilocos Sur and gave it to Estrada himself.

This proved that Singson was telling the truth. As part of the deal, he had to give back the P25 million in commissions he got from diverting the tax on tobacco.

In 2009, Ang’s probation was officially over, as stated by the Sandiganbayan Special Division.

“All of his civil rights that were taken away or put on hold because of his conviction are now back.

In this case, the Hold Departure Order against Charlie “Atong” Ang y Tiu Hay from April 25, 2005 is lifted,” the court order said. After two years of being on probation, Ang was given his freedom.

Ang is said to have worked as a consultant for a Cambodian gaming company and a small town lottery company in Cavite while he was on probation.

What are The Businesses of Atong Ang?

Ang is known for bringing cockfighting to a higher level in the Philippines. He helped start the Ultimate Fighting Cock Championship (UFCC) and now calls himself a fan of cockfighting.

He gives money to teams in cockfighting and sends them to high-stakes events. The goal of the UFCC is to teach cock-fighting fans about discipline, respect, sportsmanship, and friendship.

Meridien Vista Gaming Corp. (MVGC), where Atong Ang is a consultant, is said to make as much as P50 million a day from jai alai and other forms of gambling.

This led the Bureau of Internal Revenue to launch an investigation.

In 2017, Ang was back in the news when he said that the Justice Secretary at the time, Vitaliano Aguirre, and the National Security Adviser, Hermogenes Esperon, had tried to kill him.

Ang told the media that Aguirre and Esperon want him dead so they can run the small-town lotteries in Batangas, Laguna, and Bicol.

After a few months, the problem went away when Ang told Aguirre’s office that he would always support Duterte.

In a speech in January 2018, Duterte said that he had reached out to Ang and asked him to help the government stop illegal gambling.

Duterte called Ang the “number one gambler” in his speech. “I gave him a call. “Atong, you’re the best gambler in Davao,” I told him. You’re in charge of everything.

Let’s tell each other the truth. Duterte said, “Go to PCSO and stop all those illegal operations to help the government.”

Atong Ang: “I’m a Gambling Lord, But a Legal One”

In 2010, the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago called Ang one of the country’s top jueteng operators. Ang denied the claims, saying that he is against illegal gambling.

He admitted that he worked as a consultant for Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation, which runs jai alai, not jueteng, in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Free Port.

Ang admitted to being a gambling boss, but only for legal games. “From the start, I’ve never been involved with illegal gambling,” said Ang.

Atong Ang’s Controversies with the Barretto Clan

Atong Ang is not a famous actor or a local star, but he has been involved in a number of entertainment scandals since he got involved with the show business Barretto clan.

Who is the wife of Atong Ang?

Atong Ang is married to Iris Ang, but despite having a famous husband, she keeps a low profile.

Who is Nicole Baretto in Atong Ang”s Life?

Atong Ang with Nicole Baretto

Nicole Barretto is the niece of Claudine, Marjorie, and Gretchen Barretto, who are all in the entertainment business.

She is J.J.’s daughter. She’s not in the entertainment business, but she got a lot of attention after a big fight with her aunt Gretchen, whom she blames for “stealing” her boyfriend, Atong Ang.

Atong said, though, that Nicole is “just like a daughter” to him in a statement. He said they are “very close” but are not dating.

He also said that Nicole and her mother used to hang out with his wife and kids at their house, but they’re not together now.

Do Atong Ang and Gretchen Barretto have an Affair?

Even though Atong Ang and Gretchen were often seen together, holding hands or cuddling, they denied being in a relationship over and over again.

They say that they are just business partners in online sabong in the Philippines and are just really good friends.

Surprisingly, they have been photographed with Gretchen’s longtime partner, business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco.

The three of them seem to be close friends, but they just couldn’t get rid of the rumors that Atong and Gretchen are in a relationship with Tonyboy’s approval.

Since Tonyboy hasn’t left his first family to marry Gretchen, there are rumors that he doesn’t mind “sharing” Gretchen with his friend, Atong.

Some of Atong and Gretchen’s friends even said that they were dating.


How much money does Atong Ang Have?

Atong Ang has never said how much money he has in public, but his net worth is thought to be at least $2 million.

Vitaliano Aguirre II, who used to be the secretary of justice, says that Atong makes Php50 million a day from his many gambling businesses.

Atong Ang says that they make “more or less Php3 billion a month.”


Does Atong Ang Own Online Sabong in the Philippines?

Even President Rodrigo Duterte has called him a “gambling lord.” Atong admits that he is a gambling lord, but a legal one.

He owns the online sabong site Lucky 8 Starquest.


Atong Angs Involvement in Conspiracy of Missing Sabungeros

Atong Ang, a gaming consultant, criticized what he called a “conspiracy” against him and his online sabong business because more than 30 cockfight fans went missing. He even named a few people, including a former national police chief.

Ang is the owner of the company Lucky 8 Star Quest Inc., which runs three arenas where some of the missing people were last seen.

During the hybrid hearing of the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, the businessman complained that the committee already seemed to have given him and his e-sabong company a “guilty verdict,” even though there were other licensees in the field.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon asked Ang to name these licensees in public because Ang said they were part of a plot against him.

Atong Ang seems to be talking about Camilo Cascolan, who used to be the head of the Philippine National Police. INQUIRER.net has tried to get comments from Cascolan and the other people Ang named, but hasn’t heard back as of this writing.

Ang went on to say that he was sad that his e-sabotage company, Lucky 8, was being blamed for the disappearance of cockfight fans, even though he had nothing to do with it.

When asked to explain the “conspiracy” against him, the businessman asked to meet with senators in private.

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, who is in charge of a Senate committee, said yes to Atong Ang’s request.

Dela Rosa, on the other hand, said that Ang’s e-sabotage company was not being singled out by his committee.

“For the record,” the senator said, “this committee is not blaming you for the disappearance of the 34 people.”

The Senate’s public order committee is going to look into what happened to 34 people who were thought to have been involved in fixing games and cloning from April 2021 to January of this year.

Ang showed up at the hearing on Friday because his name came up at the first hearing on Thursday, February 24.

A sister of one of the missing people pointed to a video in which the businessman was seen “warning” people he called “double agents” who were working for him and stealing videos from his e-sabotage company and putting them on a copy of the company’s website to get illegal bets.

But Lucky 8’s president, lawyer Angelo Nio Santos, had said at the time that the company does not use “illegal activities” to deal with bad employees. Santos said that Ang’s video was just a reminder and “not a threat.”








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