Proven Simple Ways To Get Paid Watching Videos Online in 2019

get paid to watch videos

Most of us like to watch movies and television — most of us are addicted to watching online videos too. Would you believe me if i tell you that there are lot of ways you could make extra income on this addiction of yours?

Seems crazy, right?

But it’s accurate! — you can actually simply get paid by watching videos — the more you can, the more you’ll earn.

Still sounds too good to be true?

While for most part, this can be thought of one of the best part time job on the internet to earn little bit of extra money; there are opportunities online that pay a whole lot better — which you could consider doing for longer hours, or perhaps full time.

However,…people typically wonder”How to Earn Money by Seeing Videos???”

To ease their doubt, below is a curated collection of”21 App-based Sites For Paid To View Videos” by cash and/or gift cards.

So go on and take your pick & get ready to make some convenient $$, lying flat in your favorite couch.

21 Apps or Sites to Get Paid to View Videos

1.Netflix is one of the best ways of getting paid to see movies and other movies online.

To maintain its programming cutting edge, this popular movie streaming service hires people referred to as taggers. Their only job — as the title suggests — is only to watch Netflix shows, movies and specials and make money online by tagging them suitably with accurate metadata.

These tags make it simpler for Netflix audiences to seek out specific content according to their favorite categories or stuff they might have seen and liked before.

Mind you, places within this category are extremely rare and published around the Netflix job board as and when they’re available. But if you prefer to binge watch Netflix content and understand what seems fantastic together — it might be just be the ideal job for you.

2. Nielsen
Among the simplest way to make money by watching videos is using Nielsen.

This renowned media business has its eye on what Americans are watching on their computers and mobile devices. Nielsen Digital Voice gives US households the opportunity to tell the world in their viewing habits — by downloading the Nielsen app.

Not only do they make to see their favorite shows to their heart’s content — but they also get paid for it with monthly cash prizes.

Interestingly, there is absolutely no formal application process involved here and most households get selected at random. You should check always your email because they usually send the invitation via your personal email.

3. National Consumer Panel
Another video program to get paid to watch videos on the internet is with National Consumer Panel/Cross networking.

These businesses are known to occasionally employ folks to watch videos and television — to monitor the average media usage via their mobile program. The information is then used by companies to correct their marketing strategy wherever required.

The payout doesn’t generally exceed a couple hundred bucks per year, but the work is exciting and lets you make some fantastic cash on your bank account at the end of the day.

4. AppTrailers
Available on the Google Play as well as the App Store, this program awards you points to watching many different movies, promos, videos and music videos — which can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

This is only one of those excellent methods of getting paid to watch movies, Ads and lots of another type of movies.

5. Perk TV
Another better choice to watch videos and make money on the internet easily is with Perk TV.

At the start, there are different apps on offer here. Users get to earn — Perk Points — by watching videos, TV clips, taking quizzes and a lot more. You might even produce a small bonus by watching promotional ads or special videos.

Once you’ve got a tidy collection of Perk points to your credit, you can have them exchanged for money or a gift coupon.

6. Viggle
If you’re a TV addict, you can even earn money by watching films and Ads on TV via Viggle.

It is among the more popular apps in the Perk TV bouquet, where you get rewarded for viewing TV. How it works is you need to — check in — when you’re glued to a specific display shining on regular TV.

For doing this, you’re rewarded with a fixed set of factors, which you can redeem out to cash or get your hands on other rewards.

7. Slidejoy
Slidejoy makes it very easy to view videos for money. You can definitely get paid to watch movie trailers and Ads on the web.

It is basically a free mobile app which will pay you — $$$ — every time you open your smartphone. What happens is you get to see an interactive advertisement each time you do so.

The business pays the app for putting it there, and they, in turn, discuss a small portion of the revenue with you. You could even score additional points for speaking this app to your friends or connecting your FB account.

8. Fushion Cash
FusionCash allows you to get paid to see videos in the shape of films, Ads, trailers and a lot more.

For starters, you get a straight $5 — just for signing up. You also get paid for clicking ads, listening to audio and referring your pals.

You require a minimum of $25 for your credit until you can cash out, but with an array of offers for new joiners that ought to be a cakewalk.

9. MyPoints
Available on both App Store and Google Play shop, the MyPoints app is used to watch videos to earn gift cards and money back from retail brands.

But you can also make by viewing fun videos (500 points per day) and enjoying online games (gain 10 points per dollar). There is also an opportunity to win a cool $10 bonus on attaining your first $20.

Payouts are at the form of gift cards and PayPal cash.

10.  Swagbucks
This is only one of the most popular cash making apps out there because of its sheer versatility. Not only do you get a opportunity to win money watching online videos, but you can also make money by taking surveys. Additionally, you earn money by playing games and even shopping online.

Every activity that you complete earns you points which in turn can be redeemed for money prizes, make PayPal money or a gift card of your choice.

11. InboxDollars
If you’re in the mood to make a $5 sign-up bonus and make some easy cash by watching movies , then this is a superb option.

Mind you; you can also earn benefits by finishing some other simple tasks like — taking surveys, reading emails and trying out free-trail provides amongst others.

Reading mails and watching videos on the internet is a recommended way of creating the most money out of the benefits website.

12.  Cash Crate
You want to be 13-years older to be eligible to join this website for free, and rather from the US. However they also accept individuals from other English-speaking nations as well.

Referrals are the best way to make money by watching videoshare you receive 20% of what your referrals’ make on this site. Watching videos frequently can also net you a cool $20-50 additional per month.

Payments are made automatically usually at the start of every month and also mid-month.

13.  Earning Station
It is best known for its referral applications, in which members get to keep about 10 percent of their money made by their own friends — for life.

Wait there is more, you get to pocket an additional $5 if your friends make $5 — in their very month itself and there’s that extra $10-bonus if you sign up for any 5 of the partner sites.

Plus, you get compensated by watching videos, playing games on the internet, taking surveys and shopping online

14. Points2shop
Points accumulation and cash payout system is the main usage for this free to use application. However, while you can exchange money for points, vice-versa isn’t allowed.

Also, points can only be redeemed for a $50 Amazon gift card (currently available for US associates ) or goods available on the Amazon website.

While it might not cover as well as some of the other websites on this list, you may still earn by viewing videos on the internet, a decent $20-30 monthly . You will also be blamed a bonus 250 points (worth $2.50) on enrolling.

15.  Global Test Market
At the start, this really is a survey website where you make money or earn points by trailers, Ads, videos (that could be redeemed for gift cards from Bloomindales, Amazon and Macy’s) and completing surveys.

But you can also make PayPal money by viewing videos and movie trailers and then sharing with your opinion about them.

Also enormous positive is they have more than 4mn members around 40 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and claims to have awarded $30mn-plus in rewards in 2016.

16. CashPirate
How would you like to get rewarded with pirate coins (of the virtual variety) which you can swap for rewards? Paradoxically, this program allows you to watch videos and make money, for exploring and trying out complimentary programs or completing polls.

What is more, you also stand to earn more coins while you’re sleeping — by referring your buddies. You get to keep 10 percent of their earnings and another 5% of their buddies referred by your buddies — now is not a superb offer?

17.  InstaGC
Do you like watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, or merely browsing the web? If so, you stand a chance to win things by downloading this program and doing just that.

In return, the site pays with e-gift cards (choose from 350+ gift cards) and e-checks (presently available by email to associates from the united states, Australia, Canada and the UK) and you can use PayPal to redeem rewards (for UK, Canada & US).

You will also receive an additional bonus of 10 points for each valid and confirmed affiliate signup from the UK, US, Canada or Australia.

18. QuickRewards
This site is a free loyalty program available only to permanent residents of the US, UK and Canada.

The site includes multiple ways to Make Money by watching videos, completing surveys, indulging in Internet shopping and playing games online

In keeping with its name, the site claims to process PayPal payments for as little as a cent within 72 hours or gift cards starting at $5 inside a week.

19. GiftHulk
This site provides its worldwide members the chance to win unique digital money or Hulk Coins, simply by replying surveys; you even get paid to play games, viewing movies and browsing the Net.

Another incentive for members to gain 5000 Hulk Coins for taking in new recruits.  Additionally, an additional 5 percent in their earnings when he/she wins Hulk Coins by finishing offer walls, provides, surveys and GiftHulk TV.

20. GrabPoints
This free application will give you points for doing simple jobs compelling it to be one of the best rewards program. It is an excellent opportunity to get paid to watch videos, accepting surveys to referring your friends.

Upon registering you have the option of entering an invite code if you do — you will be credited to 500 points immediately. Want to earn more points? Have a look at their download apps section — it will cover a whole lot more.

You can use these things to redeem a lot of awesome benefits in the form of gift cards and cash back. This includes a selection of 100s of cards or you may decide on a money output via PayPal.

21. Paid2YouTube
This is a rather new online platform in which you make money by watching videos. Once you have noticed a video you will earn $0.005. There’s no limit on the amount of movies which you could view.

Similarly, you will also be compensated $0.10 (for every comment), $0.01 (for each evaluation ) and $0.15 for every subscription that you earn.

Every time one of the referral sees a video you will make $0.01, every rating gets you $0.05; an equivalent amount is credited to you every time these leaves a comment.

As soon as your account shows a credit $10, you can make a request for payment via PayPal. This process normally takes around 30 business days.


For those who spend a huge part of their day online, registering with these programs to watch visual content can be a great idea — to earn some extra money.

Not Just you get paid to see videos but also these apps Provide rewards by completing surveys, reading mails or simply downloading apps

The best part, however, is that there is no limitation to the amount of programs that you can enroll on — that translates into a profitable earning opportunity even for those with a normal occupation.

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