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PTC sites are actually the sites which pay their users when user watch ads on their sites and spend some time on watching those ads. PTC sites are the easiest way to earn some Cash online but you need to be consistent during the process.you need to refer as much your friends as you can because these sites pay you a handsome commission on referring a friend to their site.some PTC sites pay you the fixed percentage(%) of earning which you refer make in his account on the daily or monthly basis. Here is a Complete list of high paying PTC sites which can help you to earn some extra money without investment.

Before you make account on any of the PTC sites which claim to pay you by watching ads, completing survey, or watching video make your the site has some history and is a legit website because in case if the website is not a legit site then you will end up getting nothing except wastage of your precious time.Every site which is listed here on our website is a Legit site and they have a good history with their users so you can trust them, we will also update you about the scams website.

Best PTC Sites Earning Per Click Minimum Withdraw Limit Referral commission Payment methods Payment Processing time Visit this site
  1. Neobux
$0.02 $2 $0.01 per referral click PayPal, Payza, NETELLER Payments are instant
2. ClixSense $0.02 $6 $1.00

When referral make  $10.00

Check, PayPal, PayToo 2 to 5 business days
3. BUXP $0.006 $7 Up to 50% PayPal, Payza 3-4 days
4. ScarletClicks $0.01 $0.5 up to 100% PayPal, Payeer Payza 7 Days
5. CashTravel $0.005 $0.05 100% Referral Earnings Paypal ,Payza 24 Hours
6. Link Guard $0.003/ 0.006 $5 30% Paypal 24hrs
7. World linx $0.01 $10 3% PayPal, Payza Instant
8. GPTPlanet $0.01 $2 100% PayPal, Payeer, Payza
9. ClixBlue $0.004 $5 $0.20 /monthly Payza, PerfectMoney, Solid Trust Pay, Okpay, Bitcoin and Payeer 24 hours
10. Goldenclix $0.01 $15 $0.01 PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay 7 days
11. Noblebux $0.02 $2 $0.01 Payza,

Perfect Money

12. SilverClix $0.015 $3 $0.015 PayPal , Payza 10 days
13. AdFlares $0.0005 $0.25 $0.15 Payza, Perfect Money 24 hours
15. NorthClicks $0.04 $2 $0.03 PayPal, Payza, PerfectMoney 4-6 days
16. ClixHunter $0.01 2.50$ 0.0125 Paypal, Payza 24 hours


$ 0.01 $ 1 25 % Paypal, Payza 1 day


$ 0.01 $ 1 25 % Paypal, Payza 1 day


$ 0.01 $0.5 20 % Paypal 1 day


$ 0.001 $ 1 10 % Paypal, Payza 1 day


Thing you need to know before joining any PTC site

  • Make sure The site is legit and has some Market reputation.
  • Make sure the PTC site on which you are working is Paying with Payment method which is available to your country and suitable for you to accept the payment.

Let suppose you create an account on XYZ PTC site and you earn some amount you want to withdraw and at that time you come to know that you cannot accept the payment through the option the Site support then you will lose you hard earn money which is painful. This is Because not every payment method is available to every country so make sure your country support that payment method.

How to check PTC is Legit or Scam?

here we are discussing some criteria to check whether the site on which you are working is legit or not.

  • Withdraw Limit
  • Payment Methods
  • Website design
  • Website history & Users Reviews
  • Payment Processing period
Withdraw Limit of PTC site:

withdraw limit is one of the best factors to check whether the PTC site is legit or Scam.If the Minimum withdraw limit of the site is Less then it increases the chances of the site to be legit.Most of the time the fake and Scammers sites have High withdrawal limit because you have to do a lot of work and time to reach that withdraw limit to cash out your earned money so when you reach that limit they will ban or delete your account.

Payment Methods:

Payment Method is the way through which the PTC will Pay you your Earned money.scam Sites generally don’t mention the payment method on their website or they will mention the payment method which is not very common and legit.so make sure the payment method is available to you and suitable for you.

Website design:

Website design is another Factor to check the PTC site you are using is legit or not.scammers sites most of the time is poorly designed and difficult to navigate through. they don’t have contact us and about us page.some scammer sites have these pages on their site but the emails address or Telephone numbers which are mention there are not working and you will never get a response from these mentioned methods.

Website history & Users Reviews:

you can check the history of website and user reviews about the site by searching online through google let suppose you want to check whether the ” XYZ PTC ” site you are using is legit or not use this type of keyword ” is XYZ PTC site Legit” on google.see the Users reviews about this site is they are satisfactory then go ahead and work on the site otherwise if the site has negative reviews stop working on it and find Legit PTC site which really Pays you.

Payment Processing period:

Payment processing period is the time PTC site takes to pay you through your Selected payment method.this is one of the  Factors on which you can judge whether the website is legit or not if a website has long payment processing time then it increase the chances that website is a scam.Legit sites have short Payment processing time and they pay you around 5-6 days after you request the payment.

Why you should choose these PTC sites:

all the sites mention above are risk-free and you can start earning from these site with zero dollar investment.


Neobux is working since 2008 and one of the most trusted PTC site having 20 million registered users.


Clixsense is traffic agency and advertising website which start providing its services as PTC site back at 2007 and is growing day by day because of good users rating.You can earn from this site by filling surveys, watching videos, clicking ads and visiting websites.


BUXP is another know PTC site which is rocking the internet since 2008.


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