Crowd1: Everything You Need To Know of this Amazing Opportunity in 2020


What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 Network Ltd or Crowd1, is an organized technique towards a “contemporary organisation where the variety of individuals is similarly important than the variety of Euros.”


All the flowery words aside, this essentially implies that this program is your entrance to a mobile networking neighborhood that assists individuals to develop service connections and make the most of brand-new patterns in Crowdfunding and Shared Economy.

The app was released back in August 2019 which is quite current so it’s truly reasonable that very few individuals learn about this chance.

The business lies in the United Arab Emirates.

Is Crowd1 a Scam– What is This and Should You Invest in it ??

How Does Crowd1 Work?

Crowd1 does not provide any item per se since the item itself is the program.

Considering that this is a mobile networking business, you need to anticipate a great deal of techniques and efforts to make your network grow through the program.

The program provides its users the capability to produce and keep their own online network organisation through many methods and tools. Crowd1 really utilizes its own service design.

When you are a member, you will get access to courses also on how to utilize the app to earn money. We’ll discuss this more in the next area.

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In order for you to be able to construct your network, Crowd1 has actually partnered with Affilgo and Miggster which are both video gaming sites.

You would then buy these sites and get your “owner rights” which is your primary source of revenue.

These can all be kept an eye on through the Crowd1 app being provided.

How Can I Join Crowd1?

The Crowd1 App can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play. The app itself can be downloaded totally free however signing up with the program is a various story.

In order for you to sign up with, you would require to register for among the bundles. These education bundles are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Costs can vary from EUR99 to EUR2499. Here is a graph of their * courses:

Is Crowd1 a Scam– What is This and Should You Invest in it??
For more information about the program, you might visit their main site.

In other words, Crowd1 tracks and pays returns through “owner rights” shares following listed below settlement strategy

Crowd1 Packages

White– invest EUR99 EUR and get EUR100 EUR worth of owner rights shares
Black– invest EUR299 EUR and get EUR300 EUR worth of owner rights shares
Gold– invest EUR799 EUR and get EUR1000 EUR worth of owner rights shares
Titanium– invest EUR2499 EUR and get EUR3500 EUR worth of owner rights shares

How to Start Make Money with Crowd1?

Owner Rights

When you buy Crowd1, you are provided “owner rights” shares to the business.

The rights you’ll get will depend upon the quantity you invested, especially the education bundle you availed.

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For Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum bundles, you will get EUR100, EUR300, EUR1000, and EUR3500, respectively.

As the business grows, you grow returns.
Item Package Sales Bonus
The business has a binary payment structure.

This implies that the very first 2 individuals you sponsor as Associates are put on the left and ideal sides of your team.

When the individuals you have actually sponsored likewise generate 2 other individuals, they too, are put on the left and ideal side of the sponsor’s group. The development of your team has no limitation.

The binary points you are going to get depends upon the financial investment volume built up by your team.Sell a single White bundle that costs EUR88 to get 90 binary points.

Offer a single Black bundle that costs EUR299 to get 270 binary points.

One Gold bundle offered by your sponsor is transformed to 720 binary points, while one platinum plan cost EUR2,499 is equivalent to 2,250 binary points.

Recurring Income

Crowd1 likewise uses recurring commissions as you grow your network under the business.

The payment strategy follows a binary structure where you can put an overall of 2 financiers on your very first level.

These 2 can have 2 more financiers under them and there is no limitation regarding how far your pyramid can grow.

Matching Bonus

This functions like your typical MLM matching perk.

As you hire individuals, you make a specific portion from them.

If you invest at the Bronze level and hire 4 financiers, 10% of what your level 1 financiers make will go to you.

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For the Silver tier, if you hire 8 individuals, you will get 10% from your level 1 and 2 financiers.

On the other hand, for Gold and TItanium, you get to make as much as your 4th to 5th levels, respectively.

Crowd1 Business Model

Crowd1 is not a video gaming business however it has actually partnered with 2 video gaming platforms: Affilgo and Miggster.

What Crowd1 does is to “unite a crowd of members who would be presented to video gaming chances through external partners.”.

What takes place is that you are crowdfunding the two video gaming platforms which suggests you can make from them as they grow.

How Do I Get Paid?

According to a few of the evaluations that I’ve seen, Crowd1 pays you through the account of your option.

This, obviously, can be the exact same account you utilized to enlist in the platform.

You might pick from the following: VISA credit- debit and pre-paid cards, MasterCard credit- debit- and pre-paid cards, VISA Electron and Maestro.


You can pay through several methods.
Crowd1 provides among the most recent methods to make which is through crowdfunding and networking, plus the video gaming market where Crowd1 focuses, is on the top of its video game now.
An expert site with a real app to match it.


It has no concrete item that makes it actually difficult to rely on if you are not acquainted with crowdfunding.
The beginning bundles are rather pricey.


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